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Ang orihinal na may likha kay TOMAS U. SANTOS sa Varsitarian
ay isang Thomasian Triskelion si Arch. Mike Marbella Poyong Triskelion (UST '82)
aka Kumander Poyong

The 90s, my college years
i dub the golden age
when every brod was dreaming
of dating Amanda Page
The coop was our “tambayan”
our fortress so to speak
we defended it with our “kapatiran”
all were strong, not one was weak
To the lamoks we were the katol
and we almost wiped them out
they proved no match at all
like a ballgame twas always a rout
Andrae was no giant
but he fought as fierce as one
and so did Raynard and Ryan
Jeff, KC, and Ramon
Joshua was no Moses
to our tenets he was devoted
he charmed the Commerce muses
like the red sea their legs he parted
To JohnB brods looked up
quiet but nonetheless tough
other frats dared not enter the coop
lest Johnb rough em up
Popsy, Richie, Jason, and Ramil
These brods were stern and strong as steel
they never backed down from rumbles and all
they gave us a frontline like China’s Great Wall
Erick when he was our GT
he made all of us SEE
the true meaning of our fraternity
our beloved Tau Gamma Phi
Paeng our Master Initiator
was kind, idealistic and fair
but his paddle he swung like the hammer of Thor
you’ll cry “Get me outta here!”
Brods Dado, Leyco, Joca and Jack
i remember these brods all the way back
when life at Uste was plain and simple
no cellphones, laptops or emails to hack
The Pangets and Kro-aks fell on their knees
when utol Kakes his wrath he unleashed,
Mike and Makmak with the greatest of ease
dispatched all our rival fraternities
Back then he wasn’t so legal
im referring to brod Luis
he kicked like Steven Segal
and knew some bit of arnis
From legal, on to medical
let’s talk ’bout utol Sid
he’s now a doctor and a good one
Our chapter is proud indeed
Brods Dean and Marvin were no Dean Martins
but they sang as talented when drunk
Art loved the Celtics and Adornado’s Crispa
and enjoyed watching Billy Ray Bates dunk
Albert, Roderick, Dino and Dexter
to them there’s no such word as surrender
and though we were no ghostbusters
yet we had our own Slimer
Gabo’s car was always jampacked
whenever there was a gimik
brods will squeeze in the front and back
likewise the pick-up of Erick
Badjon was philosophical, quite like a genius
but was humble to say the least
Marben with his long hair looked rather serious
on stage performed like a beast
Whether it was March or February
always present was tol Januarie
and while some were foolhardy and cocky
but not him, our good brother Torsky
Tol Jhun Raagas was one mean bad ass
though small yet he stood above all
Iyoy was always there to remind us
“to rise up each time you fall”
Not sure if Sting wrote that song for Roxan
or if the brod was indeed The Police’s avid fan
what im sure of is that like the Musketeers
we were one for all, and all for one
Benj or Bubong, its all up to you
how to call the brod everyone knew
just like Niño or Oliver, Jason or Ivan
Francis-Noel, and Dean or Fernan
Eric Cayaba left too soon
but his memory’ll remain untrodden
missed by Ahmad, Boni, and Jun
He is gone but not forgotten
Ogie loved Metallica
Tom screamed like Pantera
Mondo trashed Sepultura
while Nathan left Rivermaya
O Kay bilis namang naglaho ng pag ibig mo sinta
Daig ka pa ng Tau Gamma Sigma
our sisters we love and adore
some were feisty and clever, the rest sweet and demure
There was Tetel, Lyn, Pam and Claudette
Kakay, Jenny, Celine, Toinette
Shiela, Olivia, Levita and Irma
of course Sis Liza lets not forget
To each his own was banned
as brods were always around
to lend a helping hand
Like a team, a troop, a band
We all are Proud, and yes we’re Brave
Not everyone can be a Triskelion
Like what Bad Burn has long been saying

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