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The University of Santo Tomas is one of the oldest chapters of the Fraternity and the very first Catholic university to embrace the Tenets and Codes of Conduct of the Triskelions’ Grand Fraternity, Tau Gamma Phi. The Chapter was the 6th to be established from the time the University of the Philippines was first conceived on October 4, 1968.

01 Mar 1971
01 Mar 1971

The Founding Date

Founded on the third week of February, but later adopted March 1, 1971 as its foundation date,

the Chapter was sponsored by the University of the Philippines through Bro. Egay del Pilar (UP

Golden Lion Batch 1969), a classmate from UST High School of two of the four Chapter

Founders: Bro. Joel Rillo+ and Bro. Efren Malabanan. The two other founders were Bro.

Romy Tongol and Bro. Boy Sagala. The brotherhood grew as 12 more Charter members were

added. Most of them were from Lourdes School Quezon City.

01 Mar 1971
01 Mar 1971

Highlights of the UST Chapter:

The first batch of initiated Brods was from the College of Engineering.

16 Apr 1971
16 Apr 1971

Tau Gamma Sigma - UST

The Tau Gamma Sigma-UST Chapter was founded on April 16, 1971 through the

initiative and efforts of the brods. The first 10 Lady Triskelions were predominantly

from the College of Nursing and College of Education.

20 Apr 1971
20 Apr 1971

The Tambayan

Our very first “tambayan” (hangout) was located on the 3rd floor of the UST Charity

Hospital before we moved to our permanent home at the UST Cooperative Canteen or

“Resto” as fondly called by the Thomasian Triskelions. (But our iconic and historic

tambayan was demolished in 2005 to give way to new UST structures.)

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27 Apr 1971
27 Apr 1971


Subjection was first administered by Bro. Efren Malabanan to Bro. Larry Orbe, 1st Batch (St. Jude), on April 1971. The subjection is located on the lower left side of the chest. It became an integral part and highlight of the final initiation rites. But it was during the finals of the St. Ignacius Batch where two subjections were done, one on the lower left side of the chest and the other on the center of the chest or what was known as the Grand Triskelion’s (GT’s) subjection.


The First Grand Triskelion of UST Chapter is Bro. Joel Rillo+ who eventually became the first Thomasian Triskelion and the 2nd Secretary General of the Metro Manila Regional Council (MMRC) after Bro. Florentino “Jun” Flor Jr. from the UP Chapter.

31 Mar 1973
31 Mar 1973

Batch St. Luke

Batch St. Luke (March 31, 1973) was the first batch to be initiated after the declaration

of Martial Law on September 21, 1972, defying the ban on organizations. Soon

thereafter, other fraternities followed.

03 Jul 1973
03 Jul 1973

Triskelion Handshake

On July 3, 1973, Bro. Mike Molino, 7th Batch (St. Luke), conceptualized and introduced the Triskelion Handshake. This was approved by the officers of the MMRC under the term of Secgen Jun Flor. At present, the Triskelion handshake is still being used to salute fellow Triskelions.

01 Mar 1978
01 Mar 1978


In the late ’70s, Bro. Jay de Castro, 11th Batch (St. Pancratius), organized the  Fraternal

Organization of the University of Santo Tomas (FROUST), the first and only umbrella

group of all fraternities on campus, and became its President during the Martial Law

Years. Since there was no Student Council, Tau Gamma united all the fraternities in UST into a single organization that we called FROUST.

01 Mar 1979
01 Mar 1979

Triskelion Alumni Organization (TAO)

In 1979, the Triskelion Alumni Organization (TAO) was formally organized by majority of Thomasian Triskelions together with some brothers and sisters from other Chapters.


Heightened friction or conflict with other rival fraternities were prevalent over a span of two decades or during the ’70s and carried over to the ’80s. The heroism of Thomasian Triskelions was put to a tremendous test. But just like any trial, we have seen the best sacrifices from so many brods and sis to keep the fervor and continue with the fight.

Triskelions of this era represented, led and inspired the countless brods and sis of the decade to keep believing, find strength and continue to strive for the Triskelion ideals we have always upheld dearly.


The decade of the ’80s saw the majority of the Chapter’s membership and strength shift from the College of Engineering to the College of Commerce and Faculty of Arts and Letters. The Chapter was at the forefront not only in fraternal affairs but also in various areas of leadership ranging from student council and other school organizations, sports, campus journalism and even student activism.


When the ’90s entered, a new era of relative peace began. The Chapter status was in cruise control. With the exception of a few incidents, the Chapters’ warring ordeals have gone down notches lower. This era has produced one of the most active and prominent batches in the history of the Chapter, led by the able leadership of brothers and sisters collectively known as “Batch ’90.” As a Chapter, UST has been the benchmark and barometer of every Chapter in the country. It was consistently awarded by the MMRC for being the “Best Chapter” and “Best GT” almost every year in this decade: Brods Dennis Concejero, MDG; Eric See, MDG; John del Mundo, MDG; Atty. Gabriel Castillo, MDG; Jhun Raagas, MDG Darwin Malabanan, MDG; Ahmad Saloso, MDG; Remlee dela Cruz, John-B. Badillo, MDG and Capt. Dino Cartaciano. Majority of the brothers and sisters were from the College of Commerce and AB.

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04 Oct 1999
04 Oct 1999

Triskelion Order of Law (TOL)

In October 1999, Thomasian Triskelions organized the Triskelion Order of Law (T.O.L), an organization composed of Triskelion Law students and lawyers, with Bro. Joseph Grey (Thomasian Alumnus) as its first Chairman.


UST Chapter became popularly known as the “Father Chapter” since many Thomasian Triskelions are founders of prominent collegiate Chapters in the University belt and elsewhere, such as: Far Eastern University, University of the East, Adamson University, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, PSBA QC, AMA in Quezon City and Makati City, Holy Angel University (Angeles, Pampanga), Perpetual Help College in Manila and I/AME; and the revival chapters in PMI Manila, St. Jude College, De Ocampo Memorial College, and PSBA-Manila. The Tau Gamma Phi Law Fraternity – Triskelion Order of Law or T.O.L. was also founded by UST Brods.

From the time the Metro Manila Regional Council (MMRC) was formed, UST Chapter has produced five (5) Secretary Generals namely Bro. Joel Rillo+, Bro. Jay de Castro, Bro. Mike Molino, Bro. Ferdie Tobias+ and Bro. Marty Asturias; and three Lady Secretary Generals, Sis. Liza Anza Sis. Ros Salonga and Sis. Celine Cardenas.

Since the formation of the National Council, the Chapter also has produced two (2) National Premier namely Bro. Mike Molino and Bro. Guy Lopez.

Although the Chapter has never been accorded recognition by the University, this did not deter the Thomasian Triskelions from reaching out to its fellow Thomasians and the community through its outreach projects. The Tau Gamma Phi and Tau Gamma Sigma remain the most dominant fraternity and sorority in UST. It boasts of more than 1,000 alumni to date who are excelling in the fields of politics, government service, medical and paramedical, legal, media, arts and entertainment, business and the private sector, as well as in civil society organizations.

In June 2002 Triskelion Alumni of UST was officially recognized and Bro. Ferdinand Tobias+, MDG was the first Interim President.



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